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1. Disappearance of the project team
1.1 Running away with token/NFT sales funds
>> Unable to escape with full funds because funds are kept in FundSafe.
1.2 Running away with funds after releasing liquidity
>> The provision of liquidity is acting on behalf of FundSafe, so the team cannot arbitrarily release liquidity.
2. Selling token at the market
2.1 Selling holding token at the market
>> Unable to sell without DAO approval because tokens are kept in FundSafe.
2.2 Selling token after issuing additional tokens
>> Token can’t be issued with DAO approval since the authority is at the FundSafe.
3. Token collateral loans >> Tokens cannot be borrowed as collateral because tokens are kept in FundSafe.
4. Unilateral and unreasonable liquidation
>> When project team disappears or end the project, investor can have a reasonable liquidation with the FundSafe balance.
5. Other embezzlement and breach of trust >> Significantly reduce the risk of embezzlement and breach of trust as funds are kept in FundSafe
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