FundSafe embraces the advantages of traditional methods and compensates for the disadvantages.

This is the only solution to prevent embezzlement and lax management of the project team by giving DAO approval for the use of funds, with a focus on engagement and compensation at the core of Web 3.0.

In addition, the custom function will provide convenience for tax accounting, such as project team's use of funds, and will greatly contribute to enhancing project team reliability by easily and conveniently handling PoR, making it a global standard for escrow contracts.

In addition, FundSafe is superior to the existing method in that it generates profits from fund deposits, and plans to develop and subscribe to new insurance products in cooperation with insurance companies.

If we had used the FundSafe, all the problems would not have occurred, including the Terra(Luna) crisis, the FTX crisis, and embezzlement/deception, disappearance, etc.

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