FundSafe - Blockchain Escrow Service

In 2022, the topic of the blockchain industry will definitely be embezzlement and lax management.

They disappear after receiving investment and sell or provide the tokens they have as collateral to the market to take money and even use the customer's assets at will. Those who steal investors' money have a fancy money feast, and all that remains for investors is virtual assets of no value and are not legally protected.

“Do Your Own Research”

After all, are investors responsible for all this?

Will the investor's own verification solve this problem?

Now, investors are hesitant to invest because they think they'll be scammed again, and the project team is hesitant to launch because they don't think they'll sell.

To break this vicious circle, the FundSafe project was launched.

FundSafe provides escrow services to facilitate safe transactions for investors and ecosystem configuration for project teams.

In the future, funds will not be available without approval from the Investor (DAO).

Once investors (DAOs) are given the authority to approve the use of funds, they will no longer be forced out of the community at will, set "no chat" or consistently "silent answer" as they are now.

From the beginning, these rights should be in the hands of investors.

It's time for the project team to take back their lost rights by insisting on using escrow services.

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