The expected effects of introducing blockchain escrow services are as follows. 1. Investors can also participate in ICO/INO of unknown projects with confidence. 2. As the influence of DAO increases, the treatment of DAO will be better than now. 3. Project performance will be improved by reflecting the opinions of project participants.

4. It can prevent a sharp drop in prices due to the mass sale of coins, such as eco-funds. At the same time, by reducing the volume of distribution, prices can be raised to complete the virtuous cycle structure of the ecosystem. 5. The prevention of malicious projects will raise awareness of blockchain and increase new inflow. 6. The Mainnet Foundation's embezzlement of malpractice and neglect management can also be prevented. 7. It can be a global standard for escrow contracts. 8. It will be a stepping stone to allow domestic ICOs with investor protection functions. 9. It can bring about changes in investment culture not only in the blockchain market but also in the existing stock market.

(Just as fewer than one stock has been available for trading since September 2022, investment methods in the new financial market, the blockchain industry, can lead to changes in existing methods.)

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